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Staying at Oceano Hotel allows you to visit some of the best places of the Central Region of Portugal.
For assistance in directions please contact our reception:

Telp: (00 351) 21 929 2399 / 21 928 9490 Mobile (00 351) 96 8560824
The art of hospitality. An experience of the Portuguese coast cuisine. Discover the small picturesque village of Praia das Maças and enjoy your meal at Oceano Restaurant, where you will apreciate fresh fish and seafood. Open all year the warm atmosphere makes this an ideal place for a family or individual lunch anytime. It is also a good choice for a business lunch in a quality environment.
You can also reach the hotel by public transportation: subway, train and bus. Take the subway from Airport station to Restauradores station (it is necessary to switch lines in between). Once in Restauradores, take the Sintra railway and get out at Portela de Sintra (the penultimate stop).
There is a Taxis stop in Lisbon Airport. We recommend using black and white or cream taxis. Avoid unauthorized taxis. You can ask the driver how much the trip costs before taking it.
The hotel is 25 minutes by bus from the Portela de Sintra train station. Here you will find a bus station where you can take bus 441 (towards Azenhas do Mar or Fontanelas) which will leaves you in Praia das Maças, right in front of the hotel.
There is a stop just outside the hotel where you can take the historical tram to Sintra. In a journey of 30 minutes you can enjoy a trip with more than a century of history. The route begins in the Estefania area, near to the Museum of Modern Art, has a stop in Colares and ends just in front of the Ocean Restaurant.
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